Saturday, January 27, 2007

Azam Tahun Baru 1428H


Rerasanya dah lama jugak la aku tak mengepos dalam blog nih. Skang ni aku masih di tempat kheja... dalam server room. Having trouble with IFCA system but already settled. Back to topic.... to all muslim friends... I think it is not too late to wish you all Happy New Year or Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram 1428H. May Allah bless all of you... Muslim and non Muslim.

Apa azam aku tahun nih ek? Actually I dont make any... seriously for the my past years. But this year I feel wanna make a one... or two... or maybe several. 1st and foremost... I wanna end my bachelor life... but with who? Dunno yet... Why? Bcoz dont have any... hahahaha.... Then why I make such a decission??? (macam salah ja ejaan nih)... I think the longer I stayed single... the more dosa I'll commit... huh... macam berat ja rasa hati sekarang nih... kekadang hari2 rasa sayu je bila mengadap kat tikaq semayang tuh... tapi as usual... the more I wanna be near with Allah... there's always a demon in front... back, left and right... huh...Lagi satu dah tarak lagi member yang membujang... kalau dulu ada Puad, Man Cet Cet and Cipon... now Cipon already married and his waiting for his second child. Puad will end his bachelor life on May... and Man Cet Cet... currently get along with his mother's calon. Apa nama Jamilah ka apa ka... tak berapa ingat

Azam yang kedua... nak kurangkan spare tire hehehe... eventhough it's difficult to me but at least I'll try... keje kat Jerejak pun dah membuatkan aku ilang 30kg dah hehehe.... tapi spare tire nih tanak mengempis lagi...Yang ketiga... tried to smoke less... last November I've spend RM 200... just to buy cigarettes... Danhel pat blas...December I managed to cut down my expenses to RM97 only... but this month maybe more... ada sket jiwa kacau... tapi cuba tanak exceed RM150... doa2 kan sama la yea...

Hmmm yang keempat... I wish I'm better this year than last year... tak kira la camana kan... Dengan mak bapak aku... ngan adik badik aku... dan ngan semua yang telah berjaya menyapot aku selama ini... TERIMA KASIH BEBANYAK... ONLY GOD KNOWS...Lagu kat bawah ni I think really made me think of someone... who? Trade secret hehehe...

Thanks Ann... ni yang buatkan abang sayang kat Ann hehehe :D (bukan dio yang aku maksudkan)

A broken string, how can it be reconnected?
My feelings, you already cannot hear
Your changes are like a string that's been broken
No matter how I adjust, the sound won't be right
Your changes, I have the ability to distinguish

I'm silent, you don't have much to say either
Between us, what are we missing?
Let's not say
After smiling, my expression finally has a bit of sadness
Holding your hand

Asked you for your final decision before I left
I suddenly laughed with a relieved heart
The laughter circled around the middle of a mountain
Floated with the wind, swaying

Arrived before you, pacing back and forth
Your tears streamed down
Saying that you will remember my goodness
I also curled up the corners of my mouth, smiling

Your beauty has already been given to whom?
Chasing and chasing again, I can't get it back
I understand that the leaves that have left the trees
Belong to the world of the ground, withering

A broken string, playing once more
My world, you're not in it
My fingertips have already become calloused from the playing
But still there's no way for me to keep you by my side

A broken string, how can it be reconnected
My feelings, you already cannot hear
Your changes are like a string that's been broken
No matter how I adjust, the sound won't be right
Your changes, I have the ability to distinguishHmmm...

I think that's all for now... see ya