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Assalamualaikum & greetings everybody...

As usual I would say it's been a along time since my last post... but this time.. more than one year??? Daaaa.... so long man... and soo many things happened to me.. most of it was my love life i'll write it in month chronology since my last post hehehe

JUNE 2007
- My first date with Nadia... that was on the 20th of June
- Suck with my job... to many people to over write... sedih kan?

JULY 2007
- so far so good with my love life.. ad a spice in my life
- Cold war with Man chet chet hehe
- finally get the OC privilage from my boss...

- boring month of the year...

- proposed Nadia to marry me and she accepted (yey)
- take a month leave after long quarrel with my boss... WTF when he commented that I'm too culculative on my work... suck man... 1 have 45 days of unclaimed claim hours... so what... when they need me to stay back.. I never turn down the request... geeezzz

OCTOBER 2007- risik and she again accepted it...(yey again)
- the best Aidil Fitri ever (at that time lew)

- engaged with her
- pay all the neccessary things to my wed day... suppose to be on the 1st of June 2008.
- meet zul (exbf of her) and he confest everything.. and off course me too... then shits start to happen

- SGM asked me to transfer to headquaters...and I accepted.
- tiring but challenging task of restoring the hotel system in Ancasa
- shits start to get nastier

- big quarrel with her.. she said that I must come back to Penang and change my job.. WTF... last month I asked her and she said OK and this month the other way round.
- shits getting smellier
- my fathers birthday... 28 of Jan... (happy birthday Ayah... may Allah bless you and the family)
- permanently move to KL, Gumbaks...
- officially work in Ancasa KL as an EDP officer
- my lovely assistant named Faridah report for duty

- break up with Nadia... exactly at 5.32am in the morning, 15th of February and what I did after she ask for a break up? sujud syukur... I feel so relief that morning... then berak.. then my suboh prayer was the best ever after... I dunno why..
- start to quarrel after the break up.. one fine evening i texted her with english words (it's easier to express emo by using english) and I so dammed forget that she doesnt understand when he replied with "apa BI2... " hhahahaha I laugh till tears dropped... hehehehehe
- happy birthday adik (20/2)

MARCH 2008
- happy birthday Jiq (14/3)
- change my job tittle from EDP to MIS officer... gaji? still the same maa!!!
- her family start to talk shits especially her... nak mintak bayaq telefon konon... peerah... dont you know it's such a pain when I found out that u start to see other man when I'm still your fiance and on out station??? suck man... WTF...
- one fine day... the father phone me and ask, "Hang ni macamana? Mau ka tak mau kat anak aku ni?"... again... I was like WTF... you daugther ask me for a break up and u ask me that silly q? pegi mamm la...
- the day after tomorrow my dad called me and said, "Kalau Jan mau balik kat dia pun kami tak mau terima." and I was like "Takpa ayah ooi... Jan pun tak mau balik kat dia.. buat apa dah dia yang mintak... nanti suh Yon pi amik balik cincin tu dan pesan kat Yon jangan amik satu apa pun barang dari dia"
- she was like "Tuhan akan balas apa yang abang buat" and I was like again WTF... what did I do to you??? think before saying...
- took Lisa to my friends place... tought that the restaurant was good as my friend pro claimed but it turns the other round... so sorry En Nan... makan memang tak sedap hehe

APRIL 2008
- had a first date with Lisa, thanks to Yus (can hardly remember the date) she's a nice gurl..
- had a crush on somebody else (trade secret hehe)
- happy birthday to Lan (27/4), Zura, Syimah (19/4), Zaida (16/4) and Muhd Adam

MAY 2008
- happy birthday to Wan (11/5)
- 1 week of tiring and hectic out station task.. aduih...
- pendeks break up ngan Nurul
- pendeks = berenti la jadi pengecut... sudah2 la tu dengan semua ada ni.. bajaq tetinggi... sekolah agama tak hengat tapi habuk pun tadak... apa jadi sok ni kifarah tau dak
- nurul - nice gurl... brutal outside but small hearted inside... get tough gurl.. I know there's a hikmah of your break up okay?

JUNE 2008
- my friend found another company to work... better for him... aduih.. lepaih ni tadak sapa la aku nak kutuk dah Khairin ooi...
- start to write the blog.. again heheheokay... continue with my blog (itupun aku rembat dari blog nurul - TQIA)

7 fakta mengenai saya
7 perkara yang menakutkan saya
7 lagu buat masa sekarang yang terngiang2/ diminati
7 perkara/ perkataan yang selalu saya sebut
7 perkara amat bernilai pada saya
7 pertama kali dalam hidup7 orang yang saya mahu tag

7 fakta mengenai saya:
1. saya suka memasak
2. tak suka orang menipu di belakang saya
3. suka sunggoh tengok orang.. tak kira masa
4. cukup menyampah bangun lewat... kalau lewat mesti rasa macam hampeh
5. suka sunggoh dengan kecantikan
6. suka dengaq lagu tak kira genre
7. tak suka benci orang tapi pesan kepada sesapa nak kawan ngan saya "Jangan buat saya benci... nanti susah"

7 perkara yang menakutkan saya:
1. takut Allah
2. takut fitnah
3. takut kelebihan yang Allah berikan...
4. takut tak boleh bantu orang
5. takut bila ayah aku marah
6. takut sifat riak, sombong, takbur
7. takut untuk takot, takut jatuh hukum syirik kecik

7 lagu buat masa sekarang yang terngiang2/ diminati:
1. istanbul grooves
2. say shava shava
3. traffic by Dj Tiesto
4. pretty fly by offspring
5. sebelum cahaya by letto
6. satu perjuangan by brothers
7. you raise me up by josh groban

7 perkara/perkataan yang selalu saya sebut :
1. laila ha illallah
2. mangkaq
3. haram
4. uiks
5. baeklah
6. sukati ang la
7. ha?

7 perkara yang amat bernilai pada saya :
1. my family
2. my job
3. my health
4. my future
5. my car
6. chenta hati
7. my bad/sweet memories

7 pertama kali dalam hidup :
1. pergi dating, it was on 1995 with Misbahiah.. heheh dating kat sekolah time ari kantin.. best tak?
2. fighting in the public, masa tu umoq 6 tahun... pehtu kena tibai ngan tok ayah.. bleh?
3. masuk TI.. ya Allah punya la best sebab PMR bukannya best sangat tapi bleh masuk TI
4. dapat tawaran MISC utk jadi marine engineer... tapi mak tak bagi...dia kata kalau pi jugak dia tak redha.. sendis
5. bertunang dan putus tunang (sebab lepaih ni musti nak kena lalui lagi kan?) hehehe macam setan kan?
6. breakup tapi rasa syukur sangat... ya Allah aku syukur ke hadrat Mu
7. kerja 72 hours non stop during set up of the 1st Anugerah Industri Nasyid IKIM

That's concluding my blog for today and I hope not the last... till then... LIFE IS INDEED BEE A YOU TEE FULL

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