Monday, September 29, 2008

Peeeh... penat seh!

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all

Peh... aku bertolak dari shah alam pagi tadi (errr pagi semalam 25/9/2008) jam 8.00.. aku ingatkan nak keluaq awai tapi dah ada menda lain wat ngan lan dulu.. aku pun lambat la keluaq...

It was indeed a tiring journey as i did not sleep from the day before. I spend my entire Saturday with my syg just to cheer her up after too many things happened to her... we did visit her grandmother's grave at Bukit Kiara...then we go to Ikea (yay.. seronotnya cam bebudak).. we bought the 100's of aroma teraphy candles for her dad, child's stool for her (blue one), cookie jar (miniatures) and tupperware. Then we go to midvalley.. i tot that my gaji was already in but... hurmmm unfortunately not.. (sigh...). She's the only person that can enjoy all the shopping.. and i.. ngeee just accompany her la apa lagi kan? After we berbuka puasa with fara and her bf.. then i took her back home.. then... i layan my only anak sedara.. muhammad adam.. till morning. Then me and her sahur together.. and beraya before i balik kampung... like a laki bini la plak punya beraya.. 

The journey actually took only two hours of driving but i had to make two stops because of my tiredness... about 20minutes each... i reach Penang at 10.45 am. Sampai sini apa lagi.. mak suh mula project mengecat arr... dah jadi habitat my mum to ask me to do the thing because she did not trust any other... she said, "kalau yg lain cat mesti bebai"

okie.. i already tired lah.. wanna take a bath and chew chee myself.. dah cam bangla dah tengok.


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