Sunday, September 3, 2006

Hanging out

Yesterday I recieved a sms from my good old buddy Man Cet Cet (what a name) asking me to hang out with him, Puad and 2 Jerjak Spa & Resort Trainee (girls). I immediately agreed and I meet them at Jerjak Jetty at 4.00pm. Then we watch movie an than having snacks at Padang Kota Lama, Penang. The girls' name is Heli and Nina... nice girls actually. Heli's from Jengka 20, Pahang and Nina's from Mergong, Kedah. They're UITM Permatang Pauh's students.

I'm having a little problem with Nina. She thinks that she's not pretty but hey... each and every person has their own inner beauty rite? She need a little bit of a grooming and wallah... She has two nice 'lesung pipit' that I think quite nice.

Heli's an easy going girl. Chubby sket but she groom herself well. I kinda puzzled what parfume she's using. Nice!

After sending the two girls home, me, puad and man decided to lepak kejap at Pelita Nasi Kandar near USM and we hang there untill 1.00am.

Well it's nice to hang out with old buddies sometimes but I dont think that I can do it everyday. I wonder how KUTU LEPAK can hang out every day without failed?

See ya!

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