Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Something to read

Labour to keep alive…that little spark of celestial fire, conscience.
- George Washington -


When you study the lives of all great achievers – those who have had the greatest influence on others, those who have made significant contributions, those who have simply made things happen – you will find a pattern. Through their persistent efforts and inner struggle, they have greatly expanded their four native human intelligence or capacities. The highest manifestation of these four intelligences are: for the mental,

VISION; for the physical,

DISCIPLINE; for the emotional,

PASSION; for the spiritual, CONSCIENCE.

VISION is seeing with the mind's eye what is possible in people, in projects, in causes and in enterprises. Vision results when our mind joins need with possibility. As William Blake once said, "What is now proved was once only imagined."

DISCIPLINE is paying the price to bring that vision into reality. Its dealing with the hard, pragmatic, brutal facts of reality and doing what it takes to make things happen.

PASSION is the fire, the desire, the strength of conviction and the drive that sustains the discipline to achieve the vision. Passion arises when human need overlaps unique human talent.

CONSCIENCE is the inward moral sense of what is right and what is wrong, the drive toward meaning and contribution. It is the guiding force to vision, discipline and passion. It stands in stark contrast to the life dominated by ego.

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