Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blood donor

Assalamualaikum peeps (ha aku pun pi sama la nih... terikut timah)

Yesterday i went to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman to accompany my mom... doing what the thing that women do best... shopping... i drop my mom and 2 sisters (amah & pipah)... i search for a parking space... huh.. it's kinda difficult to park a car during weekends at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.. it's like everybody wanna shopping and seem like everybody in KL have lots and lots of money... eh tadak kheja lain ka? like me... i dont like shopping during weekends.. weekdays okay... ehhe... dont like such a crowded situation although i did involve in entertainment business before... alah kheja bakang tabir...

isk... panjangnya intro aku

then i decide to park at Semua House eventhough the parking fee was 3 ringgit for the 1st hour and 2 ringgit for the following hours... hurm... during sight seeing (nak beli apa.. doet bukan ada sangat nih) i heard a DJ saying that today Pusat Derma Darah is doing a Kempen Derma Darah (mukan dara aaa)... OMG... this is good... i dont have to go to HKL (again) to donate my blood...

they of couse interviewed me with plenty of questions and i answer it honestly except for

"En ada cukup tido 5 jam tak?"
"ada... ada... sat na nak kegha... semalam tidoq jam 5... errr mangkit jam 10... cukup la kot"

but the thing is... i slept at 5am... woke up at 7am... that particular morning jugak ehhe.. kira mohong jugak la tu kan?

after the test... finally the misi cucuk my tangan hahahaha gila lah terabur BI... ouch! this is the 1st time the nurse wrongly cucuk.. kinda frustrating because... they should know how to do it rite.. the last 3 times was very easy.. i do not know why they cant cucuk correctly...

as soon as i reached hotel (ancasa la mana lagi)... i felt very tired.. maybe because of i lied to the nurse about my sleeping hours.. alah nak wat cemana.. klu tak derma time tu.. nak kena pegi spital.. malas aku

okay... need to continue doing my job... gila kan.. dari ari jemaat... sampai sekarang kheja tak abih lagi.. sari tido 2 jam jek...

to all.. may your day is the best day ever


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